Credit has a very important place in most people’s lives today. A good score is essential for many of the things we do every day, such as, use a card, rent an apartment, qualify for financing for large purchase department store items, or buy a car, just to name a few.

If for whatever reason, you don’t make timely payments to a collections company or miss a payment, they report this to the bureau, and it is added to your report. If you do this too often, or default on a loan, you will have a bad rating and a low score. Once you have a bad score, many doors will be closed to you: you will be unable to obtain most kinds of loans, and without a card, you won’t be able to shop online, or rent a car, or do many of the other things you have grown accustomed to doing.

For these reasons, you must protect your good rating. However, if misfortune causes a change in your circumstances and your loan worthiness becomes an issue, you should begin your repair as soon as possible.

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