Some of us got into the habbit of spending more money on what we want, which we all know that these are unnecessary but desired things, also to increase the quality of living. It’s like grabbing a fancy branded dress that is worth $300 even when we know we’re not outgoing and still have tons of dresses in the closet that we can still wear.

After purchasing such expensive items, our mind starts saying “I desire to have this. I want it. I deserve it!” It isn’t wrong but we should make sure we have something left for our necessities, our needs!

Our needs are essential items required for daily living; I’m talking about food, shelter, education, transportation, taxes, insurance, utilities, necessary medications and other important things that should be prioritized. The ongoing pandemic opened our eyes and most of us realized that we can cook the same food we eat on restaurants and we can exercise at home like how we exercise at the gym. Most of us have become more resourceful.

Budgeting between our needs and wants is quite difficult. Unless we have tons of extra cash sitting in our piggy bank and pockets, it isn’t wrong to buy something we want. Sometimes we spend to reward ourselves a little. But of course, that doesn’t mean we should spend most of it on unnecessary things. Budgeting plays a huge part in our needs. We work so hard to pay the bills, mortgage, gas, groceries just to survive each day!

It’s funny how we get a little stubborn sometimes. We buy expensive items then realize that there’s no food for the following days, running short to pay bills.So if we’re still battling between our Needs and Wants, let’s just look at the bigger picture. What should we do to survive each day? What is our priority? What is our goal? What are we earning for?

By Tonni

Credit Specialist


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